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With the fast paced movement of news through the media, we understand how important it is to stay connected and informed.

Our blogs page is where we post our research and subject specific information. 

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We are always recruiting and networking, aiming to grow Your Team with the perfect candidates.  

In 2016, REAL Technical Solutions was formed by a group of professionals from the Information Technology, Banking and Service Delivery industries. In the recent years, we have gone from strength to strength always matching up the best candidates to our clients and we can not wait for the years ahead.

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Mental Health during the Job Search

We have gone into detail about how metal health can be massively impacted by searching for a new role.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Our Views

We are committed to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking in the work force.

Bringing the Human into Human Relations

We know people aren’t robots and have their own opinions, ideals, and goals, which is why finding them a position they will thrive in is so important.

Our Blogs

Our Blogs have been written and researched to highlight some very important subjects in this industry. We value relevancy and truth above all.

Each article that is written and shared by us is an important topic within our business values, whether it is recruitment based, Information & Technology centred or focusing on equity and inclusion.

These show our foundation beliefs and we want to show these off, so who we are as a company can shine through.

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